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Journey to the West

The Golden Lotus

The Outlaws of the Marsh

The Story of the Stone

The True Story of Ah-Q

Three Years in Western China


CHAPTER 5 (The Story of the Stone)

CHAPTER 5 Jia Bao-yu visits the Land of IllusionAnd the fairy Disenchantment performs the"Dream of Golden Days"From the moment Lin Dai-yu entered the Rong mansion, Grandmother Jia's solicitude for her had manifested itself in a hundred different ways. The arrangements made for her meals and accommodation were exactly the same as for Bao-yu. The other three granddaughters, Ying-chun, Tan-chun and Xi-chun, were relegated to a secondary place in the old lady's affections, and the objects of her partiality themselves began to feel an affection for each other which far exceeded what they felt ...

Pan Jinlian Narrowly Escapes Disaster (CHAPTER 12-The Golden Lotus)

The Golden LotusCHAPTER 12Pan Jinlian Narrowly Escapes DisasterThe tree is pitiful that stands aloneIts branches fragile and its roots uncertain.The dew may give it moisture, but the windBlows it to one side and the other.There is none to raise the silken coverletI must sit and keep my watch from night to morning.Sorrow has made me thinNo loving wish of yours has given meThis slender waist.Ximen Qing was so delighted with Guijie's beauty that he stayed at the bawdy house for several days. Many times Wu Yueniang sent servants with horses to bring him back, but Guijie's family hid his hat and cl...

Li Guijie, the Singing Girl (CHAPTER 11-The Golden Lotus)

The Golden LotusCHAPTER 11Li Guijie, the Singing GirlPan Jinlian, now settled in her new home and confident of Ximen's favor, grew more and more arrogant, and made so much trouble that the whole place was in a turmoil. She was suspicious too, and spent much time listening at doors and peeping through windows.Chunmei was not a model of patience. One day she had been doing some trifling thing for her mistress, and Jinlian found fault with her about it. She could not vent her bad temper upon her own mistress, so she went to the kitchen and there began to thump the table and knock the chairs about...

CHAPTER 10 The Exiling of Wu Song (The Golden Lotus)

The Golden LotusCHAPTER 10 The Exiling of Wu SongWu Song was taken by the watch to the city jail. Meanwhile Ximen Qing, who had jumped out of the wineshop window, found himself in a courtyard that belonged to old Doctor Hu. One of the maids had just gone to the privy and had lifted her skirts. Suddenly she saw a man crouching at the foot of the wall. As she could not run away, she called, "Thief! thief!" as loudly as she could, and Doctor Hu ran out to see what was the matter. He recognized Ximen Qing, and said:"My Lord, I must congratulate you on your escape from Wu Song. He has killed a...

CHAPTER 4 (The Story of the Stone-translated by David Hawkes)

CHAPTER 4The Bottle-gourd girl meets anunfortunate young manAnd the Bottle-gourd monk settles aprotracted lawsuitWhen Dai-yu and the girls went to call on Lady Wang, they found her in the midst of discussing family affairs with the messengers from her elder brother and his wife and heard talk of their aunt's family in Nanking being involved in a case of manslaughter. Since Lady Wang was obviously preoccupied with this matter, the girls went off to call on Li Wan.Li Wan's husband Jia Zhu had died young, but fortunately not without issue. He left her a son called Jia Lan who was now just five ye...

CHAPTER VIII (Three Years in Western China)

CHAPTER VIII.TA-LI FU TO YÜN-NAN FU.A view from the walls of Ta-li—The Mohammedan Rebellion—A dying patriot's prayer—Tibetan dogs—Amherst pheasants—A visit to the marble quarries—False musk—Min-chia maidens—The Ta-li plain—Playful gusts from the Tsang-shan—Good-bye, Ta-li—A folklore hunting ground—The Erh Hai and the Mekong—Trade with Upper Burmah—Canton peddlers—Hsia-kuan, or the "Lower Fortress"—Ruined cities—Wretched roads—Half-starved—The foreigner and the camel—Marked courtesy at Ch'u-hsiung Fu—Yün-nan salt wells—A sackful of mails—A roadside trial—Across the Yün-nan lake—Three days in Yü...

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