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Journey to the West

The Golden Lotus

The Outlaws of the Marsh

The Story of the Stone

The True Story of Ah-Q

Three Years in Western China


The Outlaws of the Marsh Chapter 7 The Tattooed Monk Uproots a Willow Tree

The Outlaws of the Marsh Chapter 7  The Tattooed Monk Uproots a Willow TreeLin Chong Enters White Tiger Inner Sanctum by MistakeAmong the twenty to thirty knaves who lived outside Sour Date Gate, two were leaders. One was Rat Crossing the Street Zhang the Third. The other was Snake in the Grass Li the Fourth. These two were in the lead as the gang advanced. Sagacious naturally walked forward to meet them.The gang halted at the edge of the ordure pit and chorused: "We've come to congratulate you on your new post.""Since you're neighbors," said Sagacious, "come into the compound and sit a w...

Chapter 5 (The Story of Ah-Q) The Problem of Livelihood

The True Story of Ah-QChapter 5: The Problem of LivelihoodAfter Ah Q had kowtowed and complied with the Chao family's terms, he went back as usual to the Tutelary God's Temple. The sun had gone down, and he began to feel that something was wrong. Careful thought led him to the conclusion that this was probably because his back was bare. Remembering that he still had a ragged lined jacket, he put it on and lay down, and when he opened his eyes again the sun was already shining on the top of the west wall. He sat up, saying, "Curse it…"After getting up he loafed about the streets as usual, until...

Chapter 4 (The Story of Ah-Q) The Tragedies of Love

The True Story of Ah-QChapter 4: The Tragedies of LoveThere are said to be some victors who take no pleasure in a victory unless their opponents are as fierce as tigers or eagles: if their adversaries are as timid as sheep or chickens they find their triumph empty. There are other victors who, having carried all before them, with the enemy slain or surrendered, cowering in utter subjection, realize that now no foe, rival, or friend is left-they have only themselves, supreme, solitary, desolate, and forlorn. Then they find their triumph a tragedy. But our hero was not so spineless. He was alway...

CHAPTER VI (Three Years in Western China)

CHAPTER VI.THROUGH LOLODOM AND THE VALLEY OF CHIEN-CH'ANG.A Tibetan criminal in a cage—The armed ruffians of Chiung Chou—A floating bamboo bridge—Brick tea for Tibet—Fraternizing with Tibetan pilgrims on the summit of the Flying Dragon Pass—Chinese originality—Over the Ta Hsiang Ling Pass—A non-Chinese race—Across the Ta-tu River under Sifan protection—In the country of the Lolos—Lolo language—Sifan language—Asbestos cloth—A dangerous country—Lolo rogues—Over the Hsiao Hsiang Ling Pass—Lolo women—The valley of Chien-ch'ang—Ning-yuan Fu.Leaving the city by the south gate and crossing the bridge...

The Outlaws of the Marsh Chapter 6 Nine Dragons Shi Jin Robs in Red Pine Forest

Chapter 6Nine Dragons Shi Jin Robs in Red Pine ForestSagacious Lu Burns Down Waguan MonasteryAfter crossing a number of ridges, Sagacious saw a path up the mountain through a large forest of pines. He followed it for less than half a li and arrived at a run-down monastery. It was from here that the tinkling of the bells came. Above an arch a faded vermilion sign read in letters of gold: "Waguan Monastery." Lu proceeded another forty or fifty paces, crossed a stone bridge, and entered the compound. He went directly to the guest-quarters. Its front gate was gone and its surrounding walls had cru...

CHAPTER 7 (The Golden Lotus) Ximen Qing Meets Meng Yulou

CHAPTER 7Ximen Qing Meets Meng YulouOne day there came to Ximen Qing's house an old woman called Xue. She was a seller of flowers made of kingfisher feathers, and was carrying a box of them. She could not find Ximen, but seeing Daian, asked him where his master was."My father," said the boy, "is in the shop, going through the accounts with Uncle Fu."The old woman went straight to the shop door, pulled aside the lattice, and looked in. Ximen Qing was going through the books with his manager. With a movement of the head she signaled to him to come out. He left the shop at once, and they sought a...

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