Three Years in Western China


Three Years in Western China

A Narrative of Three Journeys in Ssu-ch'uan, Kuei-chow, and Yün-nan

Author: Alexander Hosie

Release Date: February 8, 2014 


CHAPTER VIII (Three Years in Western China)

CHAPTER VIII.TA-LI FU TO YÜN-NAN FU.A view from the walls of Ta-li—The Mohammedan Rebellion—A dying patriot's prayer—Tibetan dogs—Amherst pheasants—A visit to the marble quarries—False musk—Min-chia maidens—The Ta-li plain—Playful gusts from the Tsang-shan—Good-bye, Ta-li—A folklore hunting ground—The Erh Hai and the Mekong—Trade with Upper Burmah—Canton peddlers—Hsia-kuan, or the "Lower Fortress"—Ruined cities—Wretched roads—Half-starved—The foreigner and the camel—Marked courtesy at Ch'u-hsiung Fu—Yün-nan salt wells—A sackful of mails—A roadside trial—Across the Yün-nan lake—Three days in Yü...

CHAPTER VII (Three Years in Western China)

Three Years in Western China by ALEXANDER HOSIECHAPTER VII.THROUGH CAINDU TO CARAJAN.Earthquakes—The reception of foreigners at Ning-yuan—The fertility of the Ning-yuan plain—Goître and the salt supply—Historical hailstorm—A Tibetan caravan—Crossing the Ya-lung River—A riot at Hang-chou—Reception at Yen-yuan and increased protection—Brine wells of Pai-yen-ching—Driven back by mountain barriers—The Yün-nan frontier—A sight of the Yang-tsze—Results of the Mohammedan Rebellion—The Lake of the Black Mist—On the banks of the Golden River—A deserted town—The plague—First glimpse of the snow-capped T...

CHAPTER VI (Three Years in Western China)

CHAPTER VI.THROUGH LOLODOM AND THE VALLEY OF CHIEN-CH'ANG.A Tibetan criminal in a cage—The armed ruffians of Chiung Chou—A floating bamboo bridge—Brick tea for Tibet—Fraternizing with Tibetan pilgrims on the summit of the Flying Dragon Pass—Chinese originality—Over the Ta Hsiang Ling Pass—A non-Chinese race—Across the Ta-tu River under Sifan protection—In the country of the Lolos—Lolo language—Sifan language—Asbestos cloth—A dangerous country—Lolo rogues—Over the Hsiao Hsiang Ling Pass—Lolo women—The valley of Chien-ch'ang—Ning-yuan Fu.Leaving the city by the south gate and crossing the bridge...

CHAPTER V (Three Years in Western China)

CHAPTER V.FROM CH'UNG-K'ING TO THE CAPITAL OF SSŬ-CH'UAN.Fu-t'ou-kuan—The country and its products—Chinese New Year—Charcoal from bracken—Ramie fibre and grass-cloth—Down a tributary of the T'o—The T'o and its commercial importance—The salt wells of Tsŭ-liu-ching—Sugar and Safflower—The Chêng-tu plain—Beggars—The capital of Ssŭ-ch'uan.In February, 1883, I found myself at liberty to carry out the resolution which I had made to visit Ta-li Fu and the west of Yün-nan—all that remained for me to do was to decide what route I should follow. Mr. Baber's admirable description of that part of Western ...

CHAPTER IV (Three Years in Western China)

CHAPTER IV.THROUGH NORTH-EASTERN YÜN-NAN TO THE YANG-TSZE.The city of Yün-nan Fu—P'u-êrh tea—Opium-smoking chair-bearers and personal care—Exposure of robbers' heads—Chinese school—Rainbow superstition—Entertainment at Tung-ch'uan Fu—A successful ruse—Stopped by a mountain torrent—Lodged in a byre—On the banks of the Niu-lan River—The Chao-t'ung plain and its lakes—Stories of Lolo bloodshed—Down from the plain—Narrow escape of a porter—Back to Ssŭ-ch'uan—Descent of the Nan-kuang River—Down the Yang-tsze to Ch'ung-k'ing.Yün-nan Fu is a walled city, over three miles in circuit, 6420 feet above t...

CHAPTER III (Three Years in Western China)

CHAPTER III.WESTWARD TO YÜN-NAN.White wax insects—Terrible hailstorm and its effects—Miao-tzŭ houses and women—An-shun Fu—Limestone cave—Pai-shui waterfall—Reception at Lang-t'ai T'ing—Lang-wang Mountain and the "Cave of the Spirits"—Caught in a thunderstorm—The pebbly strand of the Mao-k'ou River—Pack-animals and their treatment—The Yün-nan frontier—A cart at last—Exploring a cave—Underground rivers—Exceptional courtesy—Goître—Breeding ground of the Yün-nan pony—Trade route to Tonquin—Marching knee-deep in mud and water—Poverty of inhabitants—Queen's birthday dinner in a back-yard—Chinese inq...

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