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Journey to the West

The Golden Lotus

The Outlaws of the Marsh

The Story of the Stone

The True Story of Ah-Q

Three Years in Western China


Preface and contents (Three Years in Western China)

 Three Years in Western ChinaA Narrative of Three Journeys in Ssu-ch'uan, Kuei-chow, and Yün-nanAuthor: Alexander HosieRelease Date: February 8, 2014 CONTENTS.Chapter I.UP THE YANG-TSZE TO WESTERN CHINA.PAGEWestern China and the interest attaching to it—The way thither—An unsuccessful attempt to reach Ichang—Ichang at last—Difficulties of navigation—Commercial importance of Ichang—My native passenger-boat, opium-smoking skipper, and crew—The navigability of the Upper Yang-tsze by steamers—Dangers and difficulties of the Ching T'an Rapid—Up and down the rapid—The poppy—Ch'ung-k'ing. 1...

CHAPTER 2 (The Golden Lotus) Pan Jinlian

CHAPTER 2Pan JinlianWu Song went to the inn near the Town Hall, packed his baggage and his bedclothes, and told a soldier to carry them to his brother's house. When Pan Jinlian saw him coming, she was as delighted as if she had discovered a hidden treasure. She bustled about preparing a room for her brother-in-law and setting everything to rights. Wu Song sent back the orderly, and stayed the night at his brother's home. The next day, he rose very early, and Jinlian hastened to heat water for him. He washed, combed and tied his hair, and then made ready to go to the office to sign the r...

CHAPTER 1 (The Golden Lotus) The Brotherhood of Rascals

The Golden LotusCHAPTER 1When wealth has taken wing, the streets seem desolate.The strains of flute and stringed zither are heard no more.The brave long sword has lost its terror; its splendor is tarnished.The precious lute is broken, faded its golden star.The marble stairs are deserted; only the autumn dew visits them now.The moon shines lonely where once were dancing feet and merry songs.The dancers are departed: the singers have gone elsewhere.They return no more.Today they are but ashes in the Western Tombs.Beautiful is this maiden; her tender form gives promise of sweet womanhood,...

General Introduction to The Golden Lotus

General Introduction to The Golden Lotusby Robert HegelFor centuries now, the novel in your hands has been denigrated as a "dirty book" (yinshu), one that describes, and might encourage the reader's own, illicit behavior. Consequently it has frequently been proscribed, and many editions are expurgated. Yet even before it was completed, perhaps around 1590, leading Chinese writers of the time shared the manuscript among themselves, avidly poring over it, marveling at its rich and nuanced representations of daily life and individual social interactions. They also commented on its intricate ...

The Golden Lotus Contents & Principal Characters

The Golden LotusContents1. The Brotherhood of Rascals 2. Pan Jinlian3. The Old Procuress4. Ximen Qing Attains His End5. The Murder of Wu Da6. The Funeral7. Ximen Qing Meets Meng Yulou8. The Magic Diagrams9. Wu Song Seeks to Avenge his Brother10. The Exiling of Wu Song11. Li Guijie, the Singing Girl12. Pan Jinlian Narrowly Escapes Disaster 13. Li Ping'er14. The Cuckold 15. The Feast of Lanterns 16. Li Ping'er Is Betrothed 17. The Amorous Doctor 18. Ximen Qing Bribes Officers of the Court 19. Ximen Qing's Vengeance 20. The Reconciliation 21. Wu Yueniang Relents 22. Song Huilian 23. Ximen Qing's...

Chapter 1 (The Story of Ah-Q) Introduction

The True Story of Ah-Q Chapter 1: Introduction For several years now I have been meaning to write the true story of Ah Q. But while wanting to write I was in some trepidation, too, which goes to show that I am not one of those who achieve glory by writing; for an immortal pen has always been required to record the deeds of an immortal man, the man becoming known to posterity through the writing and the writing known to posterity through the man-until finally it is not clear who is making whom known. But in the end, as though possessed by some fiend, I always came back to the ide...

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