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Journey to the West

The Golden Lotus

The Outlaws of the Marsh

The Story of the Stone

The True Story of Ah-Q

Three Years in Western China


CHAPTER 2 (The Story of the Stone-translated by David Hawkes)

CHAPTER 2A daughter of the Jias ends her daysin Yangchow cityAnd Leng Zi-xing discourses on the Jias ofRong-guo HouseHearing the clamour of yamen runners outside, Feng Su hurried to the door, his face wreathed in smiles, to ask what they wanted. "Tell Mr Zhen to step outside," they were shouting. "Hurry!"  Feng Su's smile became even more ingratiating. "My name is Feng, not Zhen. My son-in-law's name is Zhen, but he left home to become a Taoist more than a year ago. Could he be the one you want?""'Feng' or 'Zhen', it's all the same to us," said the runners; "but if you're his father-in-la...

The Outlaws of the Marsh Chapter 4 Sagacious Lu Puts Mount Wutai in an Uproar

Chapter 4Sagacious Lu Puts Mount Wutai in an UproarSquire Zhao Repairs Wenshu MonasteryLu Da turned to see who was hustling him away. It was none other than Old Jin from the Weizhou tavern, the man he had rescued. The old fellow didn't stop pulling till they reached an isolated spot. Then he said:"You're too rash, benefactor. That notice offers a thousand strings of cash for your capture. How could you stand there looking at it? If I hadn't spotted you, you might have been nabbed by the police. Your age, description and place of origin are all there.""To tell you the truth, when I went to the ...

CHAPTER III (Three Years in Western China)

CHAPTER III.WESTWARD TO YÜN-NAN.White wax insects—Terrible hailstorm and its effects—Miao-tzŭ houses and women—An-shun Fu—Limestone cave—Pai-shui waterfall—Reception at Lang-t'ai T'ing—Lang-wang Mountain and the "Cave of the Spirits"—Caught in a thunderstorm—The pebbly strand of the Mao-k'ou River—Pack-animals and their treatment—The Yün-nan frontier—A cart at last—Exploring a cave—Underground rivers—Exceptional courtesy—Goître—Breeding ground of the Yün-nan pony—Trade route to Tonquin—Marching knee-deep in mud and water—Poverty of inhabitants—Queen's birthday dinner in a back-yard—Chinese inq...

The Outlaws of the Marsh Chapter 3 Master Shi Leaves Huayin County at Night

Chapter 3Master Shi Leaves Huayin County at NightMajor Lu Pummels the Lord of the West"What shall I do?" Shi Jin exclaimed.Zhu Wu and the other two bandit chieftains knelt before him and said: "Your hands are clean, brother. Don't get involved because of us. It's better to tie us up and claim the reward than have your own good name besmirched.""Impossible," retorted Shi Jin. "If I did such a thing it would look as if I inveigled you here so that I could get the money. Everyone would laugh at me. We'll live or die together. Stand up and don't worry. There's no need to sacrifice yourselves on my...

Journey to the West: Chapter 4

Chapter 4Dissatisfied at Being Appointed Protector of the HorsesNot Content with the Title of Equal of HeavenThe Great White Planet left the depths of the cave with the Handsome Monkey King, and they ascended together on their clouds. As Sun Wukong's somersault cloud was exceptionally fast he reached the Southern Gate of Heaven first, leaving the Great White planet far behind. Just as he was putting away his cloud to go in, his way was barred by the Heavenly Guardian Virudhaka and his powerful heavenly soldiers Liu, Gou, Bi, Deng, Xin, Zhang, and Tao, who blocked the gate of Heaven with their ...

Journey to the West: Chapter 3

Chapter 3The Four Seas and Thousand Mountains All SubmitIn the Ninth Hell the Tenth Category Is Struck Off the RegisterWe have related how the Handsome Monkey King returned home in glory, bringing a large sword he had captured when he killed the Demon King of Confusion. From then on they practiced the military arts every day. He asked the little monkeys to cut down bamboo to make spears, carve swords out of wood, and learn to use banners and whistles. They learned to advance and retreat, and build a camp with a stockade round it. They spent a lot of time playing at this.Once Sun Wukong was sit...

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