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Now day by day, technology and business change our lives, and we buy advanced technoloy gifts for kids and school children. Take into account this new gadget, "USB digital microscopes", mini style but all-round utility. With the application of technology to microscopy, it can improve efficiency of study work in research, and most of all, it becomes interesting. At least the microscopic technology helps to develop kid's  scientific pointview and interest.
Digital microscopes combine traditional optical microscopy with digital imaging technology, utilizing photoelectric converters.
In this way, digital microscope can transmit images and videos on the computer display screen. The observer can directly observe the images or watch the videos on the display. Observers can also edit, save, and print the images if they need.
It can increase work efficiency, while making observations vividly via imaging technology.
The wireless digital microscope transmits images by wireless transmission technology. It can be connected to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or more WIFI devices.
The digital microscope has a stereoscopic effect when it is connected to a computer screen or a smartphone display.

The main applied fields are as follows:
● Digital microscopes can be widely used in many professional fields or areas, as followed:
Textile products, chemical products and chemistry, plastic products, electronics manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, printing, universities and research, archaeological research and many other fields.
● It is necessary to use this device in educational research, when we study these subjects: zoology, botany, entomology, histology, mineralogy, archaeology, geology and dermatology.
● It is applied widely in the printing industry. When typesetting, you need to check the typesetting before printing.
● In the textile industry, textile materials and wool fabrics can be inspected scientifically with the use of digital microscopes.
● When repairing electronic components such as watches, mobile phones, and notebooks, you need to zoom or enlarged the micro parts to get the visual effect. With the convenience of digital microscope, you get precision observation.
● In the electronics industry, it is applied as a supporting tool for spot welding and inspection of transistors.
● When manufacturing small precision parts, it means a very professional inspection tool,for example, working as machine tool or assembly tool, for the observation of the working process and assembly process, the inspection of precision parts.
● For the use of quality inspection: precision scales, surface quality of lenses, prisms or other transparent materials. Those jewelers love it obviously.
● Inspection of surface phenomena, such as crack formation of various materials, corrosion of pore shape.
● Digital microscope is also used to judge the authenticity of paper money,bank note. Think about banknote checks and anti-counterfeiting techniques, you need this device.
● When you need to examine antiques, coins, or jewelry, you can use it, very convenient, just open your smartphone and use WIFI digital microscope.
● The most noticeable application for digital microscope, is to use it in beauty care, you can use it in beauty salon, or personal care.
● To say all-round utility, there is another one. It can be useful to arouse children's scientific interest, so it is a good gift idea for your kids.

Here is a cheap one, but with good quality. A great number of international trading companies like to market it, purchasing cheap microscopes from our factory.
This model with name: MIC-S10
By the way, as a real factory, we can help to customize your own model name or LOGO.
Chip Controller:   DSP (M-jpeg) / CMOS Sensor
Magnification Range:  50X ~ 1000X (1000X, means digital zooming; its optical zooming from 50X to 200X)
Take Images:   SNAP Shot
Megapixel: 1.3 MP (maximum to 2.0MP)
Lighting Source:  Build-in 8 White-light LED/0-30000LUX
Video Capture Resolution:
Focusing Range:  0~4cm
Support systems:  Windows XP,Windows Vista; Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10
Connection methods with computer:  USB interface
Power supply:  USB(5V DC)
Software Interface Language:  English (more languages supported with OEM order)
Color:  Silver (more colors supported with OEM order)
Product Dimension:  130 mm (L)* 33 mm (D)
Gross weight:  410g

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